Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Winner Announced

Congratulations to Jonathan, our second challenge winner! He and his friends, Llion, Dafyddl and Wayne are getting ready to leave this Saturday to start their exciting adventure!

Read just a bit more about them below – we’re sure you’ll get to know them better as you follow them here on the site through photos, videos, tweets and Facebook status updates.

Jonathan Parry
Age: 32
Job: Safety & Compliance Manager
Hobbies/Sports: Downhill mountain biking, coasteering & canyoning.
What are you looking forward to on the challenge? Wide open spaces.
Biggest fear? Rattlers.

Llion Pritchard:
Age: 33
Job: Geoscientist/Business Development
Hobbies/Sports: Recently climbed Mt Kinabalu in Borneo and last year was stuck in Houston, Texas during Hurricane Ike.
What are you looking forward to on the challenge? Some great photography moments, singing by the campfire, the wildlife.
Biggest Fear? I guess it will be coming home at the end :)

Dafydd Warburton:
Age: 33
Job: Urban Designer/Landscape Architect
Hobbies/Sports: Running, cycling, travelling, any kind of adventure related mission really.
What are you looking forward to on the challenge? The whole damn thing, in particular being out there in the wilderness, scenery, wildlife.
Biggest Fear? I have only ever been on a horse once before, and the horse stood on my shoe and broke it, so I'm quite scared of getting on again or worse. I found this useful bit of info through which should come in useful: "Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction".

Wayne Harrington:
Age: 34
Job: Product Manager
Hobbies/Sports: Running, camping, mountain biking.
What are you looking forward to on the challenge? Dressing like a cowboy.
Biggest Fear? Falling off lots.

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