Sunday, 19 July 2009

Challenge 1 - Coming to the End

Challenge 1 - The End

We end the day racing up and down the slopes; boarding down and quad-biking back up again.


Again and again and again.

As dusk sets in the amount of energy we've burned through since we first arrived here in Namibia is simply unbelievable. Every day we set out to do more and every day, with the aid and assistance of our awesome hosts, we did.

The Lucozade Challenge Competition Winners

Manzoor, Foyce, Shofat and Suhel have had the time of their lives and have got memories to last them a very, very long time...

The following day we're up at 5am to start the long 24hr journey home...

Sunrise over Hartmann Valley

And as the Sun rises over the Hartman Valley, the lads pause for thought to take in the last six days of action...

Lads, it's over to you...

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