Saturday, 4 July 2009

Challenge 1 - Getting Ready to Leave

And so it was Mansoor, Shofat, Foyce and Suly disembarked from London Heathrow for the first leg of their very own Lucozade Challenge. Next stop: Cape Town.

From there the Team, or 'the fellowship' as I've taken to calling them (seriously - we've all got matching dogtags... but I'll come back to these in a later post), collect their luggage only to check in once again to catch a connecting flight to Walvis Bay, Namibia.


Shofat, Manzoor, Foyce & Suhel

To say there is a underlying sense of excitement mixed with the allure of the unknown maybe somewhat of an understatement.

These four lads, originally from Birmingham, all play football together back home and are a great bunch. We've been at the airport now for an hour and the camaraderie is obvious. They work together, play together and - from the sounds of things - are gonna kick this challenge out of this world together.

Sandboarding on the largest dunes that Africa has to offer...

It's gonna rock.. Good luck lads.

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