Friday, 10 July 2009

Challenge 1 - Destination: Damaraland

By now we're used to Eric giving us our pickup time before bed so it is of no surprise when we're told to be ready for 7am. We have an 8am flight to catch and if we're not on it, it WILL leave without us.

Today is Tuesday, we've been here three days now and already it seems like we've been here a week. Always laughing and singing, the early starts aren't anything these boys are going to get used to anytime soon, but they always greet the day with a smile.

Team Lucozade

Arriving at Swakopmund Airport

Today we meet our very own personal private plane over the coming few days: the Cessna 208 'Caravan'.

Teeny, tiny plane!
It's a bit small no?

Boarding this tiny aircraft could very well be a Lucozade Challenge in its own right. The plane is minute and we all just about manage to cram into it. All cosy, we're giggling and joking as Elsa explains the safety procedures without a tannoy.

We're off to Damaraland. Raymond's hometown. He's excited as we are to go as Naimiba is such a large expanse of land he rarely gets the opportunity to go back and visit. The boards have been packed away for now. The next couple of days is safari time!

Rhino Centre

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