Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Challenge: Cattle Herding Post 7 - Rockin' on down to the Rodeo

After the epic shopping trip (those boots took forever) in and around the local town of Cody (I say local, as in - it's only an hour and a half's drive away. Yep. This is Big Country out here). It's time to see how the pros do it and rock on down to the local Rodeo.


Cody is a small town founded by Buffalo Bill Cody himself and suitably enough is "The capital of Cowboy Rodeo."


Handy that, given that's why we're here :D
They even look the part too, isn't that right Wayne?

Wayne @ The Cody Rodeo

Settling down in the stalls, the Rodeo kicks off slowly at first with cow chases, then lasso compeitions and finally, Buffalo riders.

Cody Rodeo

Cody Rodeo

Cody Rodeo

Cody Rodeo

Cody Rodeo

The level of skill involved to compete in some of these tasks is quite something and although there is a long week of hard work ahead, it's nice to see everyone relaxing (as well as secretly take notes) before we head off into the mountains later this week.

Also. Tomorrow? The hardcore training begins...

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