Monday, 27 July 2009

Challenge: Cattle Herding Post 12 - LET'S MOVE OUT!


6:30 Wake up call

Today we're leaving The Hideout and we won't be returning 'til Friday. We're spending the next three nights out in the Big Horn Mountains at elevations of around (and above) 8,000ft... We're packing all we need for the day and our bags are being driven ahead up to Snowshoe Lodge.


7:30 Breakfast.

Peter, the Ranch Manager, explains to us our route across the mountains of where we'll be driving cattle and where we'll be staying each night.

We discover that we're only spending the one night at Snowshoe Lodge, the other two we're away we're up at The Upper Hideout, at 8,900ft about sea level - you can kinda see how the lodge got its name.

8:30 Time to leave.

Stewart picks us up with the pickup and we all manage to cram into the cabin. Our horses are in tow and it's time to head off. Stewart tells us we're to drive to the foot of the Mountains, saddle up and then travel the rest of the way on horseback.

But first, we need to round up some Bull to take with us.

These bad boys are BIG.



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