Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Challenge: Cattle Herding Post 13: The Slow Burn


You might be sat there at home, or in your office or even in fact on the train reading this and thinking:

"Hey, this is no 'Energy Challenge', these guys have it easy!"

And to an extent I can see why you might think that but, the lessons that we've had throughout the few days we've been here have been no walk in the park. Also, our guide, Stewart is dropping the winners straight into the deep end with this training regime.

Normally it would take weeks and months before anyone on the ranch lets you do these kinds of things. But Stewart knows these guys have to be fit and ready before we head up into the Mountains and he's not taking any risks. If any of the winners fail at the tasks laid out, they don't go up. It might seem like a walk (or ride - heh) in the park, but trust me - these guys are pushing themselves hard.

This post is called 'Slow Burn' and here's why:

Over breakfast this morning I asked Daf how he was feeling about the impending mountain drive.

"Slightly apprehensive, a little excited... it feels like we've been building up to something and now.. well, it's here."

Slow burn indeed. The winners in Namibia were able to start throwing themselves down sand dunes almost on day one.

This time round, the winners need a constant and *consistent* supply of energy just to condition yourself for the days ahead.

Today the real challenge is just beginning.

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