Sunday, 19 July 2009

Challenge 1 - The Himba Tribe

Himba Tribe settlement

Lunch comes and goes and word is that we're not going straight back out to the dunes. Clement has spoken to some of the locals and thinks it might be ok if we swing by and visit a nearby tribe.

The Himba are a local tribe that have inhabited the surrounding areas for hundreds upon hundreds of years...

Himba Tribe

Moving between Namibia and Angola as the seasons change, international borders do not mean much to this nomadic people.

To be allowed into their 'camp' is a humbling and completely new experience. Clement briefs us on how to behave...

Learning about the Himba Tribe

"Do as I do. Always address the elders first and remove your sunglasses. Do that and you will all be fine..."

It's not really spoken of what will happen if we don't do anything Clement tells us but as ever, we listen carefully and do as we're told...

Himba Tribe

Himba Tribe

Himba Tribe animals

The Himba Tribe

From the camp we can see Eric & Raymond. They've found some good dunes and our boards are calling..

Hunting for slopes

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