Monday, 13 July 2009

Challenge 1 - Palmwag Lodge

Palmwag Lodge

This is the Palmwag Lodge, a 5,500 sq km private Concession out in the North of Namibia. A region of great contrasts; stark plains, petrified forests and ancient valleys, interspersed with rocky outcrops.

This will be our home for the night. There's no guesthouses out here. No showers, no pool and certainly no sand dunes.

This is animal country and today we're hoping to catch a glimpse of the some the natural inhabitants of this vast expanse.

Eric gives us a short safety briefing (mainly consisting of: "Don't get out of the vehicle..." and "...just do exactly as I say." repeated a few times).

Eric our guide

He knows what he's talking about, we're not about to argue.


Manz, Foyce, Shofat and Suhel all profess to never having seen any animals in the wild before. So to see the joy on their faces when they get up close and personal with these guys is a treat for us all.

These photos from the day capture just a small portion of what we managed to see...


Damaraland: Oryx


Damaraland: Springbok


Damaraland: Ostrich


Damaraland: Zebra

....and a LOT of Elephants! :D

Damaraland: Elephants

Damaraland: Elephants

Damaraland: Elephants

Damaraland: Elephants

Next stop... Camp!

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