Monday, 27 July 2009

Challenge: Cattle Herding Post 11 - Catching Cattle


"So, boys... " - says Stewart - "...time to test your rope skills. Go on... GET!"

We open up the gates and let some cattle into one of the larger pens. Stewart equips us with different rope this time. The clips on these come off easily so - as soon as we lasso ourselves a live one, the rope breaks free and the cow can walk away without distress.


On that note, it must be said that everything at The Hideout is done with the welfare of the animals involved at the top of the agenda. Cow, horse, bull or even dog. All the animals here are loved and cared for.

These guys know their stuff and it's good to see.

Speaking of things that are good to see - check out this roping photos:




Love that Llion's running away in this one... Heh



Put your back into it Wayne! ;)
Excellent work all round lads...

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