Monday, 13 July 2009

Challenge 1 - Arriving at Camp

When Eric said we'd be camping out in the wilderness tonight, he meant it. I've been camping before, but only ever at music festivals. Nothing and I mean *nothing* comes close to this.

Damaraland: Camping on Safari

As far as the eye can see there is nothing but land. We drove for four hours to get to this destination, we are literally in the middle of nowhere.

Damaraland: Camping on Safari

We grab some refreshments from the cool box (there they are looking after us again), pick out our tents and then jump back in the 4x4. Eric knows of a canyon nearby that we can investigate and it's only about 20mins before we're jumping back out again to take more photos and do some exploring.

The boys

This Concession truly is a natural wonder. People, wildlife and animals all co-existing in the same space and a lot of a hard work goes into keeping the Concession clean, healthy and perpetually as nature intended.

Damaraland Canyon

After Sundown we head back to the camp. The fire is just getting going and dinner will be served soon. We sit round, break open some drinks and start talking about what we've seen that day. It transpires that the boys have never been camping before so this entire trip is turning into a week of firsts for them all.

First time on a sandboard, first time to Africa, first time they'd seen an Elephant... on that last point, one member of the group shed a tear he was so moved by it. I won't embarrass him and say who. But we didn't let him forget it that night and I doubt very much we will for the rest of the trip either ;)

Breakfast at Dawn

We sit up for hours telling stories and bonding over the campfire, Eric recounting wild encounters with the four-legged locals all the while all of us trying not to think about what creatures might be circling the site as we speak.

That night, I heard the low rumbles of something nearby and it was only in the morning when we (I wasn't the only one to hear it) discovered what it was....

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