Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Challenge 1 - Big Ones

These dunes are just so big...

Yeah. Herman wasn't kidding.

Today we have seen some of the largest 'sandscapes' that exist in the entire world. These dunes are unique to Namibia in that they don't change shape or 'walk', so our guides, Herman and his buddy Wally, know these lands like the back of their hands (luckily for us).

We drive for what seems like an age, Herman's been driving across the dunes since he was seven years old - "We start doing things at a very young age here in Namibia" - he tells us, before educating us about the fauna and wildlife that is indigenous to the area.

This man loves his job and more than that, he loves Namibia. We're here to take on the extreme, but it's important to remember that these lands are carefully looked after and the conservation of the entire desert is paramount.

Sanboard Boots

Needless to say, as a result, not one piece of litter has been left behind.
By any of us.

Going down...

After some awesome off-road action, we finally find the dunes we're looking for.
Describing something of this magnitude is not easy, they have an almost regal quality to them, and I type this to you now they tower over us and we can only marvel at their majesty.

"Enough messing about lads, let's get going!"


Raymond scouts ahead for the big ones, we kit up and throw ourselves down the slopes after him... Yeah we crash a few times, but that's the whole point!

"Don't be afraid of the speed" .,.he repeats, so we go again - faster and faster still...

As I said, words cannot express the amount of adrenalin pumping through our veins attempting these hills. Energy?! We're living on the stuff...

Check these out...

Foyce is loving it!

So. Much. Sand.


No really, SO. MUCH. SAND.


That is some slope...




Do More? Oh go on then....


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