Monday, 20 July 2009

Challange: Cattle Herding Post 1 - Meet the Winners!

Howdy folks!

Time to meet the Lucozade Energy Cattle Ranching Challenge winners, I give you

Jon, Daf, Llion and Wayne

Lucozade Competition Winners

Welcome to Wyoming!

Jon, pictured far left, is the lucky chap whose name was drawn from the lucky Lucozade cowboy hat just over a week ago and in a heartbeat, he picked his friends, Daf, Llion and Wayne as his cohorts to join him out here in the Wild, Wild West.


Big Sky Country

I took some time to catch up with them all on the flight over here to the good ol' US of A and it seems like 'Doing More' is something these gents are used to back home.

A quick rundown of the challenges they've completed to date reveals some amazing achievements:
There was I thinking the odd game of frisbee could get strenuous. These guys take 'hobbies at the weekend' to the next level!
Which in turn, certainly makes them right men for the job ahead: Cattle Driving through the Big Horn Mountains.

Good luck everyone, it's going to be a great week :)

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