Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Challenge 1 - Digging Deep in the Desert

"We're leaving at 7:30am. Be up. Be ready. We've a long drive ahead..."

They were the last words that Eric said to us before we headed to bed late last night. We'd been out to the local seafood restaurant, The Tug, to sample some of the best tastes of Namibia. Much merriment was had and, although a few were aching slightly, you could tell that the sandboarding bug was getting to us all.

Getting tips from the Pro

Thing is with sandboarding, you're boarding on *sand*. Which means it's not abrasive, it's not COLD and the absolute worst you can walk away with at the end of the day is that you walk away covered in sand. Some would argue that if you didn't leave the dunes covered in sand, you're probably doing it wrong ;)

That's more like it :D

The day before, Foyce (pictured above) had already established himself as king of the spectacular crash (having managed to have his face hit the sand almost as much as his board), but every time he got up, smiled and walked right back up to the top for the next run. He wasn't the only one either, in fact - never has the phrase 'Do More' meant so much to these guys.

"Again! Again! Do we have time for one more?"

So at 7:30 this morning (well, more like 8:00 - but we'll come back to that later) we set off for Namib Naukluft Park. Eric & Raymond had already picked up our boarding equipment so all we had to do was split the group into two 4x4s ready for the off-road expedition into the desert.

Yes we ache a bit from yesterday. Yes we've got a couple of hours before we get there but oh YES we cannot wait to hit those dunes...

Quote of the day so far this morning goes to Herman, our driver and guide for today:

Herman. He is awesome.

"Those dunes from yesterday? They're speed bumps compared to what you'll ride today fellas... Speedbumps."

Signing off with a quick photo of the road ahead... WOW!

The Dunes of Namib Naukluft Park

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