Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Challenge 1 - The Road to Serra Cafeme

We load up yet another 4x4 and Eric introduces us to the guides from Serra Cafeme (our eventual destination in Hartmann Valley), Clement, Johann and Dries - pronounced 'Dreece' - help us pack up and we head off towards our final stop on this monster Lucozade Challenge.

Driving through Hartmann Valley

We've grown to trust Eric & Raymond since our first encounter way back in Walvisbaai so no one asks about where we're headed. We're know we're going somewhere but we're really unsure of the exact location..

Sight seeing in Hartmann Valley

The question: "What's this place called?" is asked, the response? A very casual

"Oh this place? This place is so remote it doesn't even have a name..."

There is laughter and then, silence. We really could be on another planet. It's that different, so alien and yet strangely familiar.. We sit back and take it all in. Suddenly we all feel very, very tiny upon this huge planet of ours.

Driving through Hartmann Valley

We break out some cold drinks and play Michael Jackson on our mobiles to pass the time (much to the enjoyment of the locals). We still don't know what to expect to next.

The 4x4 climbs steep hills and descends into rocky valleys continually, up and over.. round and down.. where are we going?

Soon. Our questions are answered. We pull up on a side road and Eric points.

"There." he says "That's the Kunene River."

We look, and gasp...

The River Kunene in Hartmann Valley

The River Kunene in Hartmann Valley

The Kunene River runs along the border of Namibia and Angola. Serra Cafeme is one of the remotest camps in the whole of Africa and it's easy to see why.

Somewhere down there is our home for the next two nights.

Just.... WOW.

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