Monday, 6 July 2009

Challenge 1 - The Sands of Swakopmund

When we last left you, the crack team of hardcore sandboarders (to be) were on their way to meet Raymond & Eric... and, as you can see - met them they did.

The Team

Shofat, Manzoor, Suhel & Foyce - meet Raymond & Eric

This photo, taken not soon after we arrived in Swakopmund, was the teeniest of tiny moments where we had a chance to stop and rest. Eric - pictured bottom row, right - made it clear when he said:

"You guys, stop 'ere for eh minute. Take in the Sea. We het the dunes real soon."
He wasn't kidding. Less than 30mins after the photo was taken we were already climbing our first sand dune.

'Do More'

Kitted up with boards, boots and a bucket load bravado - off we trekked to our first Sandboarding lesson.
Raymond, king of all that is sand and boarded, is an easy going chap to say the least and, judging by the surrounding areas, I'd be hard-pressed to think of a time when he might ever be stressed.

'Laid back' doesn't quite cover it.

"Yeah man..."
"Take it easy."
"Relax, lean into it."
"Don't be afraid of the speed."

Just some of the key phrases that Raymond rhythmically told us as dusk began to fade but in all seriousness, we could not want for a better teacher.

Final tips from Raymond

"You need to relax.. this much."

Raymond taught us how to lean, how to move, how to carve and how to groove.
A local legend 'round these parts it would seem.

We practiced until Sundown; gliding, falling, speeding and flying the same few dunes over and over. Striking the right balance, nailing the technique and overall - making sure we could walk before we could run.


For tomorrow, we take on the big ones...

Sand Dunes

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