Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Winners Announced

Congratulations to Chris, our fifth challenge winner! He and his friends, Mark, Lee and Paul are getting ready to leave this Saturday to start their exciting adventure!

Read just a bit more about them below – we’re sure you’ll get to know them better as you follow them here on the site through photos, videos, tweets and Facebook status updates.

Chris Greene
Age: 29
Job: Works in IT for Land Rover
Hobbies/Sports: Mountain climbing, Trekking
Anything Interesting: Recently climbed Pyrenees twice in order to accomplish the trip which they had to abandon on the first attempt. In between climbs he climbed Snowdon and was able to complete 5 peaks in just 1 day. by at 5am and finishing at 10pm. He is climbing Kilimanjaro next month with Mark.

Mark Hipwell:
Age: 39
Job: Works in IT for Land Rover
Sports/Hobbies: Mountain Climbing / Walking
Anything interesting: Completed each of the mountain climbs with Chris. Both guys completed these climbs as training for their Mount Kilimanjaro climb next month.
How does he know the winner: Workmates

Lee Chaney:
Age: 27
Job: Steel Erection Engineer
Hobbies/Sports: Plays rugby and rides motorbikes.
How does he know the winner: Old school friend of Chris.

Paul Esherwood:
Age: 32
Job: Runs a recruitment company
Hobbies/Sports: Martial arts
How does he know the winner: Childhood friend

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