Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Challenge: White Water Rafting Post 4 - Four Countries

So yeah, that whole "let's just get to Zambia" thing? HA!

Well first of all, we're not headed to Zambia. ZIMBABWE is going to be our final destination. But first, we're to spend a night in Namibia - more on that later...


We arrived in Zambia reasonably safe and sound, but it was the onward journey that we didn't know about. Our plane arrives in Zambia (fill out visa forms), we get picked up by coach and driven into Botswana (fill out some more visa forms) and then we catch a boat into Namibia (yet even more visa forms).

Before we do that however, we stop at the harbour where, from here - you can see four countries meet, but I'll leave it to our driver, Tiz, to explain

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