Friday, 7 August 2009

Challenge: Cattle Herding Post 20 - Wilderness Adventure

Today we're riding up into the wilderness. Stewart has told us about a place called Shell Lake, situated some 10,000ft above sea level, it's natural lake hidden away in the mountains some two hours away from the entrance to the wilderness. So we pack up the horses and set off..

We'll get to the good photos in a second but it has to be said that today we say our first MOOSE!

Amazing creature, so graceful...


We unload the horses and start riding, Shell Lake is hidden away up in the Big Horns and it takes some time to reach our destination.
We passed many, many other natural lakes on the way up, including this one that had horse-shaped rocks gently lapping at the water's edge.


Perfect or what?

When we arrive at Shell Lake it's gone 2pm and we're starving. As lunch stops go, this is by far and away one of the best ones yet...




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