Friday, 7 August 2009

Challenge: Cattle Herding Post 21 - This isn't on the schedule!


If you're reading this, then you know why you're here.
You're here for the Lucozade Challenge.
The Lucozade Energy Challenge in fact.

The Challenge on this trip is Cattle Ranching. However, this group seem to be set on finding new challenges that simply go above and beyond that of the pre requisite demands.

In my previous post I mentioned the trek to Shell Lake.

But. As much as these photos feed my imagination - these are not why we are here.
Oh no. Shell lake. Remember that?

If you forget - 10,000 ft up in the Big Horns - Shell Lake is many, many things... however, 'warm' is not one of them. So when I talk about the 'extra' lucozade energy challenges that the group - and this part I cannot emphasise enough - that the GROUP insisted on fulfilling themselves was taking a dip in Shell Lake..



That night Stewart tells us tomorrow we're riding back down.

"Ok, cool. How far are we driving down first?"
"Aww no, we'll ride the whole way. Head out about 10, we'll get down there for around 4ish maybe? Shower then dinner about 6? What' do you say?"

"Yeah*, dinner sounds nice..."

*Forget every part of the conversation that happened from this point forth, all we heard was six. hours. in. the .saddle."

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