Friday, 7 August 2009

Challenge: Cattle Herding Post 22 - The Journey Home

"Let's roll out!"

Today we ride down the mountain.
Down, down, down, down down down down down down we go!







There is an accompanying video to go along with this final post from Wyoming, but it seems to be having problems uploading... Stay tuned folks and we'll get it put up as soon as possible...

In the meantime...


We arrive safely (just!) 'down below' just in time to make it for dinner...
Dinner reservations have been made at Trapper Lodge not far from The Hideout
The food is good, the wine is good and above all... the music is good.

I mentioned before that Llion was a touch shy when it came to being in front of the camera.

When you give the man a guitar...?


Sorted. What a perfect way to end the perfect trip...

Nice work lads, Lucozade Energy Challenge: Cattle Ranching in Wyoming is finally at an end. Cattle Wrangling, Roping, Herding and Driving all COMPLETE.

Excellent work all round.

Remember people!

Do More.

'til next time! :)

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