Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Challenge: Yacht Boat Racing Post 0 - We're on hold!

Yes, yes. Under normal circumstances (me, along with) your Lucozade Energy Competition winners would be winging their way to the Caribbean right about now to take part in the next challenge presented to us all - Yacht Racing.

However, these are not normal circumstances, hence the blog post number '0' I guess.
Basically, word reaches our ears that there is a storm coming and - what with these America's Cup Winning F1 Yachts being worth a few million dollars a piece...

The team at St Marteen have reported that a ‘tropical depression’ (e.g., a hurricane) is due to hit the island mid next week. They are unsure of the severity as yet, however as the yachts the Lucozade Team racing are F1 and of high worth they can’t risk taking them out on the water. The insurance terms are so strict, that even if the weather warning is only mild – medium, the boats still have to be removed from the water 3 days before the storm is due to hit and placed in a safe location.

So basically, the yachts have to stay safe. Damn.
We're currently working with the organisers to re-schedule the challenge for the middle of next month but in the meantime, we're going to push on with the updates from Zimbabwe while we look forward to the next challenge in the competition - Glacier Climbing in The Alps!

Watch this space - more updates to follow :)

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