Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lucozade Challenge: Glacier Climbing Post 2: Do More

The Alps - Aug 20th

"DO MORE" screams the tagline on this blog, DO MORE is indeed something we've been doing. The flight over here was a measly 1hr and 15mins. Amazing really given the travels that have been laid before our previous winners, however - because there's less time spent in the air, that means there's more time to spent... DOING MORE!

No sooner are we dropped off at the hotel, are we back on our feet again and out the door to embark upon our first 'training' trek up the mountain. It's 13:15 local time and these lads drove down at 2:30am this morning from Birmingham. 'Hard core' doesn't quite do it justice..

Up. We. Go. !!!

The Alps - Aug 20th

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