Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Welcome to the Lucozade Energy Challenge

Over the next 10 weeks there are 5 amazing challenges to be won by you and 3 of your mates. From sandboarding in Namibia to yacht racing in the Caribbean, the lucky winners of our challenges will jet off to incredible locations for a once in a lifetime adventure.

You'll be able to keep tabs on our winners' progress here, where we'll post regular updates, photos and videos documenting their experiences.

The format is simple: once a challenge opens you have a window of opportunity in which to enter and invite the three mates you'd like to take with you. Each challenge can only be entered once, so to hedge your bets rope some mates into entering and get them to invite you along.

Challenges always close at Midnight on a Thursday, with winners of a challenge notified over the weekend and announced here on www.lucozadechallenge.com the following Tuesday. The following weekend the winner and their mates will be flying out to take part in the challenge. The next challenge will open for entries the Friday after a challenge closes.

The first challenge opens on the 4th June 2009, and the lucky winners will be sandboarding in Namibia's Skeleton Coast - one of Africa's most remote and beautiful locations with the largest sand-dunes on the planet.

If you're up for the challenge, get involved, get your mates involved and maybe you'll Do More with Lucozade Energy.

Best of luck!

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