Monday, 29 June 2009

Lucozade Energy announces a new team member for the challenges

To join our winner and their friends on each of the challenges, the Lucozade Energy Team searched for the perfect person to report on all the super-charged, exciting adventures they will have. After meeting a lot of fantastic entrants, we found him! Let us introduce James Whatley – a true 'Internet Explorer.'

A 29 year old from Teddington, he said, 'I applied for the reporter role because I get a kick out of spontaneous reporting, constantly reacting to things are going on in front of me and capturing them immediately with whatever piece of gadgetry I've got to hand.’ James is certainly going to going tons of tech to play with over the next few months (see below for a list of all the cool stuff we are sending him away with!)

James has been writing about and filming events, friends and trips away for years on his own blog (, adding his own unique wit and perspective throughout. He’s also quite handy with a mobile, with 99.9% of his 1800+ geo-tagged Flickr photos and almost all of his videos taken on a handset of some description. In fact, for the past two years he’s blogged Glastonbury ENTIRELY from his Nokia N95, which you can take a look at by visiting

He’s been a keen snowboarder since the age of 18 (his nickname was 'Bullet' when he was younger as he had a habit of throwing himself down mountains at break-neck speeds) and loves kneeboarding, extreme sports and the outdoors. He’s keen to learn wakeboarding this summer, so we think starting off with some sandboarding in Namibia will be a good bit of training!


Video camcorder
Two digital cameras
Helmet Cam
Satellite Phone
Mobile Phone

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